We’re Making Progress!

IMG_1421We’re working hard to get our new Ace Hardware & Supply store in Florissant ready to open in a few weeks and the progress is amazing! Changes are occurring daily and we’re almost ready for the next step.

IMG_1417This past week a professional crew came in to begin the process of putting up all new shelving for our merchandise. They’ve made a lot of headway in a short time and we’re very happy to have them and their expertise here to help with this. They’ve done this many, many times, are very efficient, and IMG_1419are doing a great job!

Once the shelving is complete, merchandise will begin to arrive. Putting it away is going to be a big task and we’re looking forward to getting it done. It gets us one step closer to opening day!IMG_1420

Besides the shelving and merchandise, we are also focusing on getting the computers, registers, and a multitude of the other “incidentals” put in place and hooked up. You can rest assured that we’ll continue to work steadily on all areas of the store so we can open as soon as possible.

We have hired a few employees for our Florissant store and they’re currently in training at our Cripple Creek location. They’re excited about our new Ace Hardware & Supply and they’ll be ready to help you when the store opens. If you’re interested in a position in either our Florissant or Cripple Creek stores, stop in for an application.



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