Mason Jars – 1001+ Uses on Pinterest!

Are you “on” Pinterest? Do you know what Pinterest is? The first thing I need to say is that regardless of what you may think, Pinterest is not just for women! In fact, most of the men I know love browsing on Pinterest as much as the women do.

The easiest way to explain Pinterest is that it’s the internet version of being able to tear out and save pictures and ideas from magazines. Pinterest allows you to save your pictures/ideas to “boards” (compared to how we used to put them in files) and pull them up any time you want to. You can organize them any way that’s convenient for you, so once again it’s like our old way of using files and file cabinets, but more convenient.

Why should you follow us on Pinterest? We have great ideas on our boards! For example, our “Mason Jars – 1001+ Uses” seriously has over 1000 ideas for how to use Mason jars. There are ideas for lighting, crafts, food to go, gifts, centerpieces, and much, much more. Need an idea for a gift for your child’s school teacher? You’ll find plenty of them on our Mason Jars – 1001+ Uses board. Looking for unique outdoor lighting? Once again, look on our Mason Jars – 1001+ Uses board for beautiful and inexpensive projects.

Are your kids tired of being inside and you don’t know what to do with them? Mason Jars – 1001+ Uses can help you with that. Our board has fun projects that don’t cost an arm and a leg and will keep all of the people in your house busy. From babies to weddings and food to fun, Mason Jars – 1001+ Uses has something for everyone.

If you find that you need more Mason jars then you have or need different sizes, we have them! Both of our stores carry a nice selection of jars and supplies.

Visit us on Pinterest @ CrippleCreekAce and see what all we have to offer!


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