Danny Campbell – You’re the Winner!

We’re done with our first monthly “giveaway” ever and the winner is….Danny Campbell!

Between Facebook and this website we had a total of 588 entries for the month of February. Wow! That’s more than we expected and we’re thrilled with the participation! Four of our customers shared photos of projects they completed with supplies from either our Cripple Creek or Florissant stores. We appreciate you sending the pictures so we can see the final outcomes of what you’ve been working on! Many more of you participated in our “what is it?” or “just for fun” posts and/or “liked” our other posts. We appreciate all of you, our customers, and want to thank you.

By using a website called, we entered (1) as our first number and (588) as our top number. chose (504) as our winner, which happened to belong to Danny Campbell. Danny had (on the same day) “Liked” our Facebook Page (10 entries), submitted a photo of a project he completed using supplies from our Florissant Ace Hardware & Supply store (10 entries), and “liked” a Facebook post (1 entry). That gave him a total of (21) entries for that day. His numbers in our drawing were (504-524). Fortunately for Danny, picked (504) as the winner!

Danny, please call Jack at 719-689-3525 to arrange to pick up your $25 gift card. We’ll need to know if you would rather pick it up at Cripple Creek or Florissant.

A new “giveaway” has started for the month of March, so enter often for your chance to win! All “rules” and “details” can be found on our “Official Rules” page. Thank you for your participation!

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