Get Creative!

Summer is just around the corner and if you’re like me you’re probably thinking of all the “outside things” that you want to do. I always enjoy planting things and making some changes to our exterior to perk it up a little bit from year to year. I like being creative and adding things that are original and unique. It’s easy to do and I usually have things around the house that I can use, or I go to the hardware store to get what I need.

Pinterest is a great place to look for inspiration. There are more ideas than you can imagine and once you start looking you’ll be amazed at all of the possibilities. Check out our “Yard & Garden” board for ideas for greenhouses, raised garden beds, and decorative items for your yard, garden, patio, or deck.

Are you wanting to get chickens and need shelter and ideas for them or other livestock? Our “Pets & Livestock” board can help you with chicken coops, chicken feeders, sheep, goats, dog houses, cat perches and more.

Ready to start gardening? Are you looking for weed killer that you can make with items in your home? What about vegetables you can grow in containers? Want to know what plants go well together and which ones you shouldn’t plant near each other? We have answers for those questions on our “Gardening” board. You can learn how to build a strawberry gutter garden, 13 vegetables that will grow again and again, how eggshells are a great organic pest control, how to can grow tomatoes upside down in five gallon buckets and build potato towers, plus a multitude of other things.

You don’t have to sign up for Pinterest to look and see what’s there. The only time you would need to do that is if you want to start saving things on “boards” so you can find them later. To see all of our boards, go to and see what we have to offer. Then, come to Cripple Creek or Florissant Ace Hardware for the supplies you need and start creating!


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