We Need Your Help!

Are you interested in winning $25? It’s easy to do and you can gain extra entries by helping us!

We’re looking at our advertising dollars and are wondering where they are best spent. Did you know that we have a two page center ad in the Ore Cart that is mailed out once monthly? Do you view us on the Ace corporate website? Do you look for our ads when you come into the store to buy other things? Do you get information for what’s on sale by watching television advertisements? Have you “liked” us on Facebook and see our ads there? Are you signed up for Ace ads on your phone and get updated information about what’s on sale that way?

We need your input and will give you 20 extra entries for our monthly drawing for our $25 gift card for May if you let us know how you get the information for our sales. That’s right! Just let us know if you see our ads on television, your phone, Facebook, Ace’s website, our website, or in the store and you’ll gain 20 extra entries for the opportunity to win a $25 gift card. You can’t win if you don’t enter, and this is an easy way to get a lot of entries!

You can either let us know by commenting on this website or on Facebook. Either way works for us. We appreciate your help with this!

Thank you-

Cripple Creek & Florissant Ace Hardware & Supply


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