Toys by David

toy3We love it when our customers share pictures of things they’ve made or done with us. It’s interesting to see the creative ways they’ve used our products and it’s fun to see the final product that’s made from their efforts. Many of the items made and projects done by people amaze me!

toy1I received some pictures last week from one of our customers from our Florissant store who makes wooden toys for his grandchildren and other family members. David makes the toys and then takes most of them apart so that the person receiving them can paint them any waytoy2 they would like and then put them back together. It’s such a fun way to make something that the receiver can personalize. It’s also great that the grandkids get an opportunity to “build” something when they are reassembling the toys.

We think David’s toy vehicles atoy4re amazing and the caterpillars are fun. We’re so happy that he shared them with us and allowed us to share them with you. Thank you, David! We love your toys and appreciate that you gave us the opportunity to show our readers what you create.

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