Solar Laundry Drying

c1 Do you want to save money and keep your house cooler in the summer? Have you tried hanging your clothes outside to dry?

I love hanging laundry outside to dry! I did it when I lived in the midwest (although it was more dependent on the weather) and I’ve done it ever since we’ve lived in Colorado. The big difference between the two locations is that when we lived in the midwest I couldn’t hang my laundry out in the winter as much. Here, the sun is bright enough and the humidity is low enough that I hang laundry out year round.

What can you hang outside? I hang everything out! Shirts, jeans, scrubs for work, socks, undergarments, bedding and towels are all hung out at our housec4. Actually, since there’s nothing that I use my dryer for, we haven’t used it more than twice in over six years, and that was only when we had company with small children. Hanging laundry outside to dry is quick and easy, plus I feel that it’s actually more convenient than using my dryer.

You don’t need actual clothesline poles to create a spacec3 for hanging. I have three clothes lines hung from a pergola on our deck for our laundry to dry, so about 30 feet of line. I also have a couple of drying carousels. For our family of two, that’s plenty of space and I seldom use all of it. You can also use retractable lines, umbrella clothes lines, and folding clothes racks.

The easiest way that I’ve found to take full advantage of drying clothes outsides involves a couple of things. First, all shirts (and t-shirts) at our house go directly from the washing machine to hangers. Scrub c2pants are folded over hangers (like you would normally hang slacks) and then the tops are placed over the pants. That way they don’t have funny marks from hanging on the line and I can also take them right from the clothesline to the closet without any extra steps. Socks, undergarments, wash cloths, and other small items are pinned oc5n to  drying carousels straight from the washer. It’s easier to hang them while inside and take out one item (the carousel) instead of taking them all outside and hanging them up there. Bulky things, like jeans, shorts, towels and bedding are all hung on the clothesline. It generally takes me anywhere from 5-10 minutes to get my clothes out of the washer and outside to dry.

Are you ready to start drying your laundry outside? Come in to either our Cripple Creek or Florissant Ace Hardware & Supply stores to pick up what you need to start taking advantage of solar power today!



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