No Receipt?

ace-rewards-cardHow often have you purchased something and lost the receipt before realizing you need to return your purchase? If you’re like me, you probably do it often enough that you’re used to the drill. You take your return to the store, tell them you don’t have the receipt, and then settle for getting back the lowest price the store has sold it for in the last 3-6 months.

Without a receipt, it’s difficult to know what your refund should be. One way to ensure that you’re getting back a refund equal to the full purchase price you paid at either our Cripple Creek or Florissant Ace Hardware stores is to use an Ace Rewards Card. Using a Rewards Card usually allows us to look up your past purchases and find the item(s) you want to return. It’s quick and simple!

Ace Rewards Cards are beneficial in many other ways. Besides receiving money-saving coupons and getting gift/reward cards to use on future purchases, you’ll also receive helpful tips for taking care of your home, sales reminders, and get instant savings in the store.

Ace offers an Ace Rewards Visa Card as well as their regular Ace Reward Card. The Visa card gives you even more in reward points at Ace, plus it also gives points for gas, groceries, and all other purchases.

To learn more about Ace Rewards and Ace Rewards Visa Cards, click here!

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