Valspar Paint

The perfect color guaranteed

Are you getting ready to paint but are having a difficult time choosing the right colors? has a great website with loads of helpful information for you! allows you to view all of the colors that are available. They let you “save” the colors you like for future reference. It’s a nice way to be able to take your time choosing paint colors in the convenience of your home.

A great tool that (explore colors tab) has is that they let you virtually try the colors you’re thinking of. You choose from interior or exterior pictures on the website or you upload a picture you have, then you change the colors. You can change them as often as you like until you get the look you prefer. By seeing them on your computer, you’ll get a good idea of what various combinations look like before actually painting your home.

Valspar’s “Ask Val” gives you the opportunity to identify colors in pictures you have or those that are on your Pinterest boards. It’s simple to do and they’ll even send the color chips to you when you’re done.

What colors are popular right now? Check out Valspar’s “Colors of the Year“! You can order one color chip or the whole collection and they’ll be sent to you for free.

Valspar guarantees that you’ll like the colors you choose. If you don’t, follow their directions to get your paint replaced. You can’t go wrong with this!

For additional help, visit “the Paint Studio” at

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