Beyond Paint


We’re really excited about a paint product we’ve just learned about called Beyond Paint that can be special ordered for you at Beyond Paint is amazing! This line of paint can be used on virtually anything! Beyond Paint is for wood, metal, plastics, linoleum, glass, tile, granite, etc, etc, etc. You don’t need to sand or prime before using Beyond Paint, you just paint your item and enjoy a beautiful new look!

Beyond Paint comes in a variety of colors and sizes. As well as paint for your everyday projects, they also offer countertop paint and Countertop Makeover Kits. These are water based products that can be used on counters, vanities, bar tops, craft areas and wherever else you want. Just 2-3 steps and you’re done! The kits cover 50 sf and include a pint of paint, sealer, flecks, DVD, insert, roller handle, roller cover, chip brush and tray. It sure would be a lot easier and more cost effective to just “redo” rather than replace your outdated counter tops!

Ace has enlisted some popular bloggers to try Beyond Paint and see what they think. Check out Debbiedoos post and review of this product by clicking on the picture of the red garden stand to the left.

Shop online at to find the products and colors that are best for you. If you order before noon on Tuesdays, you can pick them up on Friday morning at either our Cripple Creek or Florissant Ace Hardware stores. Shipping is free to either store!






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