Let’s Have Fun!

We’re approaching the beginning of the holiday season and we’ve decided to have a little fun. We have a H-U-G-E puzzle to give away and it can be yours! It’s the biggest puzzle I’ve ever seen and we’d like to give it away. This puzzle would be great for family get togethers, weekends with friends, holidays when you have a lot of people who are looking for something to do, places such as rehab centers, senior centers, and anywhere else where there’s lots of room to spread out the pieces. You can even use it as a gift if you would like to!

The puzzle we are talking about is the one pictured above. It has a whopping 6,000 pieces and is 42.25 x 62.25. It’s a $50 value! It’s a beautiful puzzle that will be tons of fun for everyone, so be sure to enter often!

You can enter as much as you would like. In order to enter, comment “puzzle” on our Facebook page whenever you see the picture of the puzzle. I’ll be putting pictures of the puzzle in other posts (besides this one), so be sure to keep your eyes open for them for the best chance of winning. You can also comment “puzzle” on our web page’s posting (this one).

We are taking entries for the drawing from now until December 17th. At that time, we’ll let you know who the winner is. You can pick it up at either our Cripple Creek or Florissant Ace Hardware, Lumber & Supply store, but you’ll have to be sure to let us know which one. Also, since we don’t collect phone numbers or e-mail addresses for the purpose of our social media, you’ll have to check our web-site or Facebook to see if you’ve won.

***Please note, this doesn’t replace our regular monthly drawing***

Good luck and best wishes!

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