An Amazing Experience!

At our Cripple Creek and Florissant Ace Hardware, Lumber and Supply stores, we want to “Amaze” you! What does that mean? That means that we want every customer to have an “Amazing Customer Service” experience every single time they come to our stores.

It’s important to us that you get the help you need when  you come to our stores. This goes beyond someone pointing down the aisle in the direction of what you’re looking for and then taking your money when  you’re done shopping. Amazing customer service is so much more than that!

Quality, Service, Satisfaction, CustomerWhat are some examples? Recently, someone in Cripple Creek brought in a broken key for her car. It was the only key she had and it had broken while she was at the Post Office. She didn’t have another key for the car. Chloe, one of our employees, not only found a way to make a new key from the broken pieces of the old one, but she also drove the woman to the Post Office to try it in her car and make sure it worked. That’s an “Amazing Customer Experience”! Likewise, Steve has helped people with changing their license plates. He could easily have sold the correct screwdriver the customers, but he took it an extra step. It was an “Amazing Customer Experience”! One more example… An older woman had a box of tools that had belonged to her late husband and she had no idea how to use them. Jack brought the box in, explained to the woman what the tools were for, and showed her how to use them. That was an “Amazing Customer Experience”! These are just a few examples of what we’re talking about, but each of the customers involved were very appreciative of the terrific help that they got and they each walked away feeling better for having shopped with us.

When you come our stores, we want you to know that we are there for you. If you don’t know exactly what you need, we’ll help you figure it out. If you come to get an item and we don’t have it, we’ll be happy to get it for you if at all possible. If it’s a regularly stocked item and it’s not available at our Cripple Creek or Florissant store, one of our employees can call the other store to see if they have it in stock. If it’s not a regularly stocked item at either store, we can check to see if it’s available at Sometimes there are other sources that we can use, too.

Don’t forget…. Our goal is to give every customer an “Amazing Customer Experience” every single time.

Don’t forget –  Ace is the Place!

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