Impulse Sprinklers & Fires

Living where we do we have a risk of fires every spring through fall. The High Chateau Fire left many of us evacuated from our homes for a period of time and some of us without homes.  As with other fires, this one was a good reminder to us to do what we can to help prevent or minimize fire damage around our homes.

During the High Chateau Fire, we received requests for impulse sprinklers at our stores and we are now stocking them. Why an impulse sprinkler? They offer many advantages when compared to other sprinklers. Impulse sprinklers are versatile and easy to use. They can water a large area with minimum evaporation and you can set them to water in a full circle or a small area.

How can an impulse sprinkler help during fires? It’s simple! During wildfires, you not only have to worry about the flames from the fire getting close to your home, you also have to be concerned about flying embers and particles from the fire landing on your roof or property. I’ve read that they can travel as much as one mile in front of the fire. That’s quite a distance!

Impulse sprinklers can be set up around your yard and buildings to keep your property hydrated. They can also be set on your roof to keep it wet. Either option will help in preventing your property from catching fire and burning.

The impulse sprinkler we’re carrying can spray 45 feet and cover 6358 square feet. It has adjustable, telescoping legs on a tripod base. This makes it easy to set the height that you’d like to water as well as set the sprinkler on uneven ground. The head is metal and the legs fold up for easy storage. This sprinkler is available at both our Cripple Creek and Florissant Ace Hardware, Lumber & Supply stores.

Don’t forget, we also carry smoke detectors and alarms as well as fire extinguishers, tools for trimming your trees (to help with mitigation), and other items that will help you in case of fire danger.





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