Raven Roast Coffee @ Cripple Creek Ace Hardware

………………..$10 per 8 oz bag……………….. available @ Cripple Creek Ace Hardware

Introducing…Raven Roast Coffee! Now available at Cripple Creek Ace Hardware, Lumber & Supply.

Raven Roast Coffee is a locally owned business. All of the beans are fresh roasted to assure you’ll have the best coffee experience possible.

Stop in to Cripple Creek Ace Hardware and sample some fresh brewed Raven Roast Coffee today!

Read below for more info:

If you love coffee and you haven’t tasted fresh roasted, you will be amazed at how enjoyable it is.


Small batch enhanced roasting:

  • Delicate beans with delicious flavor (large producers avoid these)
  • Fresh roasted coffee tastes best



  • Ethically sourced – improving farmers’ lives through: International Women’s   Coffee Alliance, Café Femenino, direct trade and fair trade


  • Sustainably grown: shade grown, organic (certification and/or methods), bird friendly, environmentally responsible processing
  • Recycled and compostable packaging

Honduras – Fair Trade, Organic,  
Rain Forest Alliance

Sourced from Café Organico
Marcala, S.A. (COMSA), a
cooperative of farmers that obtained
organic and rain forest alliance
certification in 2000.

COMSA has significantly increased
the participation of women within the
organization, which has resulted in a
successful women’s group that has
established their own farmers’ market
to sell home-grown organic produce.

Cupping notes describe a smooth,
caramel, stone fruit, with a syrupy
mouthfeel with bright berry acidity
and floral aftertaste.

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