October Events in our Local Area

Check out October Arts Month in Cripple Creek!

Through October 5th – You can’t take it with you is a fun show at the Butte! Come ad enjoy a fun evening with locals and visitors !

October 5th – –  Victor, Colorado. Click the link (or copy and paste) to see what you’ll be enjoing this day! Hear from seasoned miners from years past. Interesting, historical, and it’ll take you back to previous times.

Saturday, October 6th – Cripple Creek Ghostly Gathering at the Cripple Creek Museum Be sure to check it out, come in costume, and enjoy a fun time. Remember, too, that it will benefit our local museum!

October 11th – November 3rd – The “Great American Trailer Park Musical” at the Butte.  This is a country rock musical that’s sure to be a lot of fun. Join us for a good time!

The Florissant Grange   Every Wednesday night in Florissant –  from 6-9. Potluck dinner and music by the Jammers. Thursdays are great nights for fun, food, fellowship, dancing, and music. Come and bring your family for a good time. If you play an instrument, you can join in, too!

If you have events you’d like to add for this month or in the future, you can e-mail us at and we’ll be happy to share them!

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