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All About Emily…

    Emily was born and raised in Cripple Creek, Colorado and has lived here all of her life.  She began working with us in May of 2012.  Her favorite vacation was to Montana, where she and her family stayed at a lodge for a week.  They had it all to […]

Meet Steve!

Steve was born in California and moved to Colorado in 2000.  He has been working with us since April of 2012.  Steve’s favorite vacation was to Italy and he enjoys art, cycling, and hiking when he’s not here with us.  At the store, Steve especially enjoys helping customers […]

Can’t Wait To Use Our Ladies Room?

Wow!  It’s done and it’s better than imagined!  You won’t believe the difference between our old ladies bathroom and our new ladies room.  Not only is it beautiful and tastefully decorated, but it’s also cleaner, fresher, and more inviting!  It’s a room you’ll actually want to go into when […]

Wow! Look what we’re up to!!!

We’re on a mission to upgrade our store’s appearance and make it look fresher, so we’ve been making some changes.  We had noticed that our bathrooms were a bit dingy looking, and winter is a good time for indoor projects, so it seemed that it was the right […]

Cripple Creek 2015 Ice Festival

Just a few photos from Cripple Creek’s annual Ice Festival that’s held during two weekends during the month of February each year.  The festival is a lot of fun and normally the weather is very nice.  This year, we managed to have predictions of a blizzard for the […]