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Solar Laundry Drying

Do you want to save money and keep your house cooler in the summer? Have you tried hanging your clothes outside to dry? I love hanging laundry outside to dry! I did it when I lived in the midwest (although it was more dependent on the weather) and I’ve […]

Let’s Get Busy!

Are you bored? Are you thinking that you would like something fun to do, a new project of some kind, or there’s something that you’ve been needing to get done and don’t have a clue how to do it? You should visit us on Pinterest! We have Pinterest boards […]


Dale has been with us at our Florissant Ace Hardware & Supply store since we opened last fall. Dale has a background in heating and air-conditioning and is the “go-to” guy for any problems and issues you have in those areas. Stop by today to see Dale!

Ace & YouTube

If you’re looking for helpful hints from Ace, there are several things you can do. You can check out our hints above (Tips and Advice from Ace) or you can visit for information from winterizing your home to building a dog house. Or, you can check out Ace’s videos […]