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What is Fix-It Fest?

October is a great time to get your home ready for winter, work on indoor and outdoor projects, and assure that you’re prepared in case of a fire. At Ace, we’re here to help you with that! Both our Cripple Creek and our Florissant Ace Hardware, Lumber & […]

What’s a Pest-A-Cator?

I don’t know about you, but we had a horrible mouse problem this fall. Previously, we’ve had a few mice here and there during the cold months, but nothing like this winter! We tried all of the traditional methods of getting rid of them, but we were at […]

Fall Projects

The beautiful aspen leaves are almost done with their brilliant display of color and that means that we’re definitely into fall. Although our weather is changing, we still having plenty of days that are going to be dry and warm, so it’s a great time to finish up […]

Ace Paint Studio

Have you ever visited the Ace Paint Studio online? Just go to and then look toward the (almost) top right hand side and you’ll see it there. The Ace Paint Studio has everything you can imagine to get you started painting your home. From color samples, to […]

Beyond Paint

  We’re really excited about a paint product we’ve just learned about called Beyond Paint that can be special ordered for you at Beyond Paint is amazing! This line of paint can be used on virtually¬†anything! Beyond Paint is for wood, metal, plastics, linoleum, glass, tile, granite, […]

Valspar Paint

Are you getting ready to paint but are having a difficult time choosing the right colors?¬†has a great website with loads of helpful information for you! allows you to view all of the colors that are available. They let you “save” the colors you like for […]


Today’s July 15th, which means that not only is July half over, but so is the summer! Do you have projects that you need to get done before winter comes? You still have time! At Cripple Creek and Florissant Ace Hardware & Supply we’re here to help you. […]

To Mulch or Not To Mulch…

Mulch. Have you thought about using it? Is there a good reason why you should or should not use it? Do you know the benefits? Many of us think of mulch as a nice edging or filling material around our plants and our home. Mulch, however, has many […]