Ace & YouTube

If you’re looking for helpful hints from Ace, there are several things you can do. You can check out our hints above (Tips and Advice from Ace) or you can visit for information from winterizing your home to building a dog house. Or, you can check out Ace’s videos […]

Progress Continues…..

As we’re getting closer to opening the new Florissant Ace Hardware and Supply store, it’s amazing to see the progress! Each day we watch as more and more is being completed. The shelving and displays are assembled and labled, signage has been put up, and the first truck […]

We’re Making Progress!

We’re working hard to get our new Ace Hardware & Supply store in Florissant ready to open in a few weeks and the progress is amazing! Changes are occurring daily and we’re almost ready for the next step. This past week a professional crew came in to begin the process of putting […]

We’re making progress!

Many of you have been asking and we’d like to share that progress is being made daily on our new Florissant Ace Hardware & Supply. The old Hutchison Lumber building needed a bit of work in order to bring it up to Ace standards. The shelving has been […]

The Rumors are True!

Rumors have been flying all over Florissant and Cripple Creek for the past few months that a new Ace Hardware & Supply store is going to be opening. We’re excited to tell you that the rumors are true! Cripple Creek Ace Hardware & Supply is opening a second store […]