Next Time, Take a Picture!

Have you ever needed something at the hardware store and you couldn’t quite describe it so the sales person could help you? Jack has a great suggestion for you! The next time, take a picture with you phone and show us what it is you need. It’s quick, […]

Farewell to Emily!

As many of you know, Emily is getting ready for a big adventure. Now that she’s graduated from school, she’s decided to embark on a journey to Israel and will be volunteering at a hospital that helps children with heart issues. Emily will be gone for several months and […]


Rex was born in Ohio and moved to Colorado in 2010. He began working for us at Cripple Creek Ace in May 2014 and especially enjoys helping customers with paint since he was a painting contractor for 28 years. He’s your guy for paint questions and needs! When […]

Darren Caddy

Darren was born in Colorado, but then moved out of state. He returned to Colorado from Kansas in 2003. Darren began working at Cripple Creek Ace Hardware in March of 2015. His hobbies include reading, writing, and computers. Darren’s favorite vacation ever was going to Navajo with his […]